Luxurious Cable Knit 100% Pure Cashmere Wool Sleep Warm Cream Socks

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Luxurious and indulgent, these cream socks are made from pure cashmere to keep you warm. Crafted from 100% luxury cashmere, our cashmere socks are perfect for keeping you cozy at home day and night. Featuring a cable knitted pattern, these socks provide a comfortable stretchy fit.      

Snuggle up with these heavenly socks and enjoy feeling warm and wonderfully relaxed. Exquisitely soft, these socks are a real treat for your feet or those of your loved ones.

Renowned for its luxury, softness and comfort, cashmere is a delicate wool which is:

  • remarkably soft and comfortable to wear,
  • non-itching, as compared to a lot of other wool, and it may be worn directly onto bare skin.
  • warm and insulating when it's cold, whereas during high temperatures and summer the cashmere actually has a cooling effect
  • softening even more over time. You may wash your cashmere garment and it gets even softer and more comfortable over time.

1 pair of socks

These socks come in one size which fits UK shoe sizes 4-7, due to their naturally stretchy and comfortable design.

What is Cashmere and how is it produced?

During Winter, Cashmere goats develop an undercoat of remarkably thin hair fibres, which acts as an insulator and keeps them warm even at extremely low temperatures. During Spring, the goats naturally shed their winter coat and that is when cashmere is collected. Everything is done manually, with no machines involved and it's completely harmless to the goats. 

How to care for your Cashmere socks?

  • Washing instructions - Hand wash with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Avoid rubbing and do not wring the socks. Make sure the socks are thoroughly rinsed in the lukewarm water. Lift the socks only when the excess water has been gently squeezed out. 
  • Drying Instructions - Do not tumble dry. Allow to naturally dry and keep away from direct heat such as radiators and sunlight.