Scent your wedding

wedding candles

Scent is wonderfully powerful. It can have invigorating, unwinding, inviting and mood boosting effects. Just the magical wand you need to get yourself and everyone at your wedding let loose and have a good time. 

Moreover, the sense of smell is linked to memory, as you associate a memorable experience with how the air smelt in those specific moments and how that made you feel. Create Gloriously Good beautiful memories with our scented candles, dotted around your wedding venue to enchant and delight you and your guests. 

Our candles are naturally infused with only pure essential oils and expertly blended to provide just the right amount of fragrance to scent your wedding venue perfectly.

Work with us to create a signature scent for your wedding: wether it's fresh, floral, woody or something different, we can layer various complementary fragrances to create a unique fragrance for your wedding day. Email to arrange a consultation and get a bespoke quote.