Aromatherapy Candle Making Kit | Rose Geranium, Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Vetiver

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Create your own Gloriously Good natural aromatherapy candle with this candle making kit.


- 162g soy wax

- a glass candle jar

- rose gold candle lid

- 18g pure essential oil blend (Rose Geranium, Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Vetiver)

- a pre-waxed ECO8 wick

- wick centering tool

- rose gold wick trimmer

- satin black candle gift box

- 2 candle labels

- step-by-step instructions

The candle will be releasing a spa-like grounding scent, seductive, juicy and vibrant. So delightful, it will charm your mind and fill your heart with pure joy.
The fragrance structure of the candle you will be making: top notes (Lavender), middle notes (Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang), base notes (Vetiver).

AROMATHERAPY BENEFITS of the candle you'll be making:

- Rose Geranium: helps with any hormonal imbalances, calms anxiety and other nervous conditions and lifts up the spirits; useful in depression and during mood swings. It is both soothing and energising and works beautifully to create a positive energy.

- Lavender: sleep inducing, relaxing, soothing, calming; Rose Geranium: helps with any hormonal imbalances, calms anxiety & other nervous conditions, lifts up the spirits, alleviates depression & mood swings, creates positive energy;

- Ylang Ylang: lowers blood pressure, decreases heart rate, boosts mood, reduces depression & anxiety;

- Vetiver: improves brain function & alertness, helps to gain focus, decreases mental fatigue.