Why I love Mondays

The theme of this post may sound like a paradox. People dread Mondays – the day that follows after the weekend. They still relinquish the sense of leisure and relaxation that a good weekend brings. However, I don’t think I ever had that feeling.

On Mondays I feel so rejuvenated and ready for action. The two days that I take off at the weekend are just want I need to get myself back into a productive working mood.

For me, no task seems too hard to tackle on a Monday and I can tackle even the most challenging jobs that I had been putting off the entire last week.    

I find that on Mondays I am also my most disciplined self. Apart from working at a fast pace and getting things done, I also exercise vigorously and am also careful with that I eat. As the week progresses, this sense of productivity and self discipline tends to wear off, but I look forward to the next Monday when I can resume my good pursuits.

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