Gloriously Good commuting time

When I first came to Lodon and use the public transport, I was fascinated by the people who read in the tube. I have never seen people so keen to make the most of their downtime by reading books in such unfavourable circumstance (like standing up in a crowded tube). I was inspired. Then I learnt that one of my previous work colleagues managed to write a whole novel during her work commute. To me, that idea took commuting to the next level.

Most people dislike their commuting time, but I love it. Just like I was describing in the Why I love Mondays? article, ever since I started to look forward to my commuting time both in the morning and in the evening.

I get on the train into London at 6:30 a.m., I am excited about the uninterrupted 30 minutes I get on the train journey early in the morning, which is my prime time for any creative work. In the morning, my mind is crystal clear and beaming with ideas desire to action, so I always look forward to this highly productive time which energises me for the whole day and puts me into an accomplishing state of mind. I tend to do a lot of personal work that I generally put off or don’t have time for during the day. Blogging, my personal social media work and emailing my personal network of contacts are mainly done at a very fast speed during this time of the day.

I also love the 45 minute walk to work that I have once I get off the train in central London (I am frugal and don’t use the underground). That’s when I plan my day, learn foreign languages or inspirational talks, or catch up on the world’s news and affairs, by listening to podcasts.

In the evening, I am excited about the thought of coming home. While I don’t enjoy my 45-minute walk back to a central London train station, because mind is not as keen and able to pay attention and immerse itself into a thought-provoking podcast (I just want to get home quicker),I do look forward to my train journey home. That’s when I check all the personal emails that I received during the day (I get over 100 daily), which gets me excited about the new opportunities that they bring. Sometimes, I am so excited, that I can’t action them (replying to them or booking the events in the calendar is a talks for the morning after). I simply just want to open them all and find out what they have in store for me.

I am also inspired by my fellow commuters who seem to be equally keen to make the most of their commuting time, most of them by getting a head start into their work day and writing doesn’t their emails ready to be sent when they get to the office. I even have a commuter role model, this lady who I frequently see (or, hear, rather) in my morning train and sometimes in the evening. She’s works so feverishly (and eats chewing gum to keep her going), I sometimes wonder how she manages to be in that productivity mode all the time and where does she gets her energy from. One day, I will walk up to her and let her know she is my ideal commuter type.

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