Why I love maxi skirts

I am writing this article as I am impatiently waiting for the arrival of the maxi skirt I ordered more than a week ago. I cannot wait to receive it and try it own. Its the most floaty, pure and feminine maxi skirt you can ever imagine and the first one I will ever get to own.

When I was in high-school I had a midi skirt (it felt a bit like a maxi skirt due to my height) and I felt so heavenly, princess-like in it. I didn't wear it much (it was just not that common amongst girls my age) but every time I put that skirt on, I felt feminine and beautiful…

Fast forward 15 years and I find myself in awe of maxi skirts again. I am not sure when my passion for them was reignited, but I’ve surely fallen for them once again. I love maxi dresses because they are infinitely feminine.

They are floaty and so they bring a sense of suppleness. Like your figure just floats above the ground, as you pace around in your maxi dress.

They are elegant but convey a sense of laissez-faire at the same time. They are casual and this air of comfort is amplified when pairing a maxi skirt with flat shoes. Like you're so relaxed and grounded.

They create an aura of mystery. Not only as one may wonder what the legs hidden under the long skirt may look like, but also as one may wonder why you're going back in time when long skirts were the norm for women, which is no longer the case now.

They tease. Every now and then as you walk about in your maxi skirt, one may catch glimpse of your ankle or sheen. This can go even further, especially if the wind happens the blow your skirt in one direction or another. I love the tease this creates for anyone hoping to see a bit more of what's hiding behind that long skirt.

And on that note, below are some of my favourite maxi skirts at the moment:

  1. H&M patterned maxi skirt To me, this is such a delicate maxi skirt, which gives your feminine silhouette an aura of innocence and purity. Timeless and summery, it is a great piece in your spring-summer wardrobe.    

  2. Floral Tiered Peasant Skirt. Lauren Ralph Lauren make the most beautiful maxi skirts in my view. Elegant & mysterious, with beautiful flared shapes.  

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