Tips for improving your writing productivity

I often procrastinate writing a blog article (even though it's one of my favourite activities) because it feels time consuming. I start thinking about how long it will take to find the right words, or the best way in which to express my viewpoints. However, as I started to write more and more lately, writing has become easier and more effortless.

Here are the key things that have enabled me to achieve this:

1. Writing on a mobile phone

When one of my previous work colleagues mentioned to me that she wrote an entire novel on her phone, I could not believe it. Fast forward two years and I prefer writing all my blog articles on my phone. When my husband and I were coming back from honeymoon, I was looking for things to do in the airport to pass the time while waiting for our flight home. I borrowed my husband's phone which has a wider screen than mine and went to the Notepad app where I started jotting down my honeymoon thoughts. As I started typing, I quickly realised that I am a faster typer on the phone rather than on the computer, which helps a lot with improving your writing productivity.

Writing on the phone comes easier for me as I don't get that "blank page" kind of feeling. Instead the Notepad app on my husband's phone has a black screen, so it feels small and manageable and I quickly fill it with thoughts. Writing on your mobile phone feels more accessible and convenient. I can just pick it up and start writing.

2. Do not wait for inspiration to come

The main reason why I procrastinate writing is because most of the time I feel like I am not inspired. However, whenever I sit myself down to write, my thoughts come rushing down and inspiration comes straightaway. So, you need to invite your inspiration to come rather than wait for it to appear out of nowhere.

3. Capture any interesting thought

Occasionally, I get thoughts that make me stop and think "Aww, that's interesting. I could make a story out of this!". But I don't capture them often. And then I forget them. So, I've decided to always carry an old fashioned notebook and pen with me so I can jot down my thoughts whenever they come.

Hope these tips and tricks can help you to write more and write often, which is a sure way to become a better writer.

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