Keeping a clean home

It feels so luxurious to live in a clean home. Even if you don't own expensive things or the latest gadgets, as long as they are neatly organised and your home is clean, it feels like a life's little luxury. A home where everything has a place, all in its good order.

Cleaning up and maintaining a clean space is effortful. But it's so rewarding when it's done. Waking up in the morning to a clean home where everything lies in silence, in an orderly fashion, is one of the most blissful feelings in the world. A space of serenity that you can just emerge from as you rise from your sleep. I love it and always remind myself of this sublime feeling when I am not in the mood to clean up. Equally, cleaning up after yourself at the end of the work day is like wiping away your work from that day to make room for your personal space to thrive again. Apart from luxurious, life feels more calm when you live in a clean and tidy space. 

There are a few great ways to make cleaning more fun and less of a chore:

1. Listen to and if possible watch something you enjoy

This is the type of content that you only allow yourself to watch when you are doing something else. By pairing a fun activity like watching something you love with a chore like cleaning, the enjoyment you get from the former will spill onto the latter.
2. Involve your partner

I often find that when I clean and tidy alone I somehow feel isolated and overwhelmed by the mess and the stuff to be tackled. But when my partner cleans next to me, I feel the weight is lifted off my shoulders. Also it feels more like teamwork and less like an isolating chore.

3. Time yourself

I often find that cleaning can take up a expansive amount of time if I don't have a specific time frame in mind by which I aim to get it all done. With no end in mind, I end up prolonging the cleaning process until it expands across multiple hours of my day.

4. Light a candle

A beautiful aromatherapy scented candle can instantly bring a sense of calm and peace into a messy and chaotic space. To me, it also brings a sense of relaxation which helps me cope with the work involved in tiding up an cleaning a place and can even enhance that sense of therapy that you feel as you start to clean and declutter. For this reason, the Gloriously Good Aromatherapy candles are great aides and companions into your cleanings process, as they fill up your home with uplifting fragrances of peppermint and eucalyptus or enchanting fragrances of  geranium rose and vetiver that will make you want to spend time in that space and therefore giving you an incentive to clean it up and make it worthy of a beautiful candle reining over the peace and quiet of a freshly cleaned space.

5. Take it step by step

When you have lots to clean it can seem overwhelming, and it becomes an activity that you want to put off for as much as possible, but if you break it down into small chunks, it can seem a lot more manageable. So, instead of thinking "I have to go and tidy up the bedroom", think instead I have to vacuum clean the carpet in the bedroom, wipe the dust on the night stand and put away the clothes that are lying on the corner chair. therefore, one insurmountably activity becomes 3 manageable ones. 

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