I'm off to daydream...

I have always been a daydreamer. I have always tried to create an idyllic world in my mind in which everything I wished for became real. This was the time when I couldn’t materialise the life I wanted, achieve the things that my heart and mind were longing for. The sense of satisfaction I derived from this active state of contemplation made me turn to it more and more, to the point where I was living in a daydream more than in real life. I would even act it out, transposing myself into it both mentally and physically, by creating the sought-after experience whilst watching myself in the mirror and voicing the conversations that would have taken place there and then. When unable to see my reflection, I would create a mental mirror, which allowed me to see myself in those situations, making my daydreams feel a lot more intense.  

Naively, my family thought that I was just fooling around or preparing to become a TV presenter :-). They didn’t have the eyes to see the wonderful world I was creating in my head, which was bringing me all the joy and content that I felt so deprived of in my daily existence. They were unaware that during those moments in which I must’ve looked like I was wasting time, I was actually creating the time of my life.     

Just like some people talk themselves into sleep, I used to daydream my ideal life into sweet night dreams. Overtime, my mind got into the habit of creating this heavenly world in which all the discontent I was experiencing in my daily life turned into blissful accomplishments.

Miraculously, I realised that gradually the things I was imagining were starting to turn real. True, it took years and years of ‘wishful mental living’, but somehow the energy I put into this activity set in motion the materialisation of the things I was imagining. It’s like my strong desire to make things happen influenced the universe to make them real for me.  Although, only recently I became aware of this. At the beginning, when the first thing I daydreamed of happened, I thought it was simply a result of my hard work and determination.

However, when I think about all the wonderful things that have happened to me, I think I wished them more than I worked for them. I didn’t write them down as goals, I didn’t create a plan of action to achieve them, they just came to me, after a long time in which I simply imagined what they would feel like. The powerful energy that my mind created in those intense moments of daydreaming must've conspired with the universe to make things happen.

I've never experienced a "crash" when bringing my mind back to reality from a daydream, as I knew that I could always return to the "ideal life" by going back on the imaginary path of mental incursion. Surprisingly, daydreaming has never seem to distract me or interfere with my daily activities, as I've always been able to be present and concentrate on the task at hand whilst living my "second life" somewhere on the back of my mind.

Imagining the Ideal world I wanted to live in has been my most blissful and productive mental activity. I daydream a lot when I go for long runs, even to the point where when I get asked the question "Are you going for a run?" as a I tie my shoelaces, I feel like replying "No, I am off to daydream".

What makes daydreaming so gloriously good is that you can indulge in it as much as you like. The more you daydream about the things you would like to accomplish, enjoy the closer you get to making them happen. Think of it as an act of meditation and mindfulness - looking inwardly into yourself and understanding what life you want to lead, what drives you, what you want to become ... Just like with meditation, you can practice it as much or as little as you wish.

The Secret is that the power of your thoughts is immense. Wish something wholeheartedly, dream of it and it will come true. I promise. If it hasn't come true yet, you haven’t dreamed of it hard enough.

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