Be the master of your own happiness

This morning I felt happy for no particular reason. I felt bursting energy and in a can-do attitude mode. And the more I started doing, the more energetic I felt. And I was surprised I felt that way. Normally, I have to put in a lot of effort to get to that state - a lot of work goes into training my body and mind to achieve an energetic and vigorous state of mind that fuels me with the motivation and productivity intent that ultimately bring me happiness. So, I started reflecting on why I was feeling that way. And then I realised that I just wanted to be happy, that I didn’t want that day to bring in me the sense of regret and guilt that I’d often feel upon falling into an unproductive and self-indulgent day. I wanted to make the most of it. 

This got me thinking even further that we are the masters of our lives and that we shouldn’t let external factors change the course of our days or even more, take over them and influence them negatively. I often live my day-to-day with a sense of worry that I would get pulled into different directions and not be able to live each day like I mean to. But there is no need to feel this way. As long as we have full control over our judgement and actions, we should be strong enough to steer our daily lives in the direction we want them to go and do the things that make us happy or seek out the experiences that we derive joy from. 

Even if you are not a manager in your job, you need to be the manager of your day-to-day life. Do you have a slow day at work? Try and see of you would change your work environment, perhaps work from a nice café, library or hotel business centre. Or, if you don’t have the option to work  remotely, then imagine that you are working on your dream project.   

Don’t think happiness is externally generated, so don’t wait for it appear in those good few days. You need to seek it out and make it happen every day. Go out of the ordinary and think of the things that would make a dull day a glorious one and curate those things into your life. Book a massage, go to an event after work, give yourself the freedom to experience and indulge into the things that your mind and soul crave.  Be creative about the way you lead your life and don’t let external limitations or self-limiting beliefs to bring boundaries to your happiness. 

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