The Refresh

Recently I have undertaken a complete refresh of my blog, as I’ve decided to transfer it from one platform to another. It has been a painful experience copying and pasting article by article and picture by picture from one place to another. At times, it felt boring and futile, especially when waiting for downloads and uploads to complete. However, the drudgery of this experience has brought in me a sense of joy. Not only, the joy of rediscovering my old writings and pictures, but, more importantly, the joy of giving myself the opportunity to improve my work, as I started adjusting it from the lens of my current self. It was like a refresh of my thoughts and experiences and, ultimately, of the content that these have led me to create.  And I was grateful for giving myself that experience. 

This process made me reflect even further upon the importance and necessity to seek out opportunities to refresh our creations, our approach to work and life. Each refresh starts like an exciting project – the prospect of the clean slate. However, as you advance into your refresh project, you may stumble like me upon tasks or phases that can feel tedious. Prepare yourself mentally for this and do not give up. Overcoming each tedious stage of will give you the energy and drive to keep going until you come out fully refreshed. 

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