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 My Candle has a frosted look - Why?

Your candle is 100% Natural Soy - It's a Soy thing :)

The frosted look in 100% Natural Soy Candles is very common and has many names. Some of those names are indicative of their specific traits: "cauliflower bursts", "Frosted", "Snowflakes", "star-bursts", These are some of the names they are described by. Frosting has no effect on the burn quality of your candle.

Many Customers look for these frosted bits as it is a natural characteristic of 100% Natural Soy candles. You know for a fact if it has these bursts it isn't a soy blend or paraffin wax, it is that Natural Soy we all have grown to love :)

Since our candles are All Natural Soy and very Eco-Friendly we do not add harmful chemicals and preservatives that would normally prevent frosting. We do try to minimise the appearance of frosting by switching the pouring temperature and changing the environment the candles cool in. It is practically impossible to have a 100% Natural Soy candle without frosting.

Temperature shifts can create frosting after the fact as well, so going from a hot delivery truck to an air-conditioned home or a cold delivery truck to a nice and cozy home can definitely affect the candle. It's just one of those things we grow to love about our 100% Natural Soy candles!

How do I care for my Gloriously Good candle? 

We advise you to burn your candle for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4. This will ensure the wax burns evenly and the aromatherapy comes into effect as you breathe in the naturally fragranced air.

After your first burn, trim the wicks to about 1cm before relighting your candle. Do not relight when the wax level is less than 1cm.

What are your wicks made of? 

The wicks used in our candles are made from natural cotton fibres.

Are your fragrances all natural? 

Yes, we only fragrance our products with pure, natural essential oils, in order to enable them to harness the true power of aromatherapy. We add no synthetic fragrances or additives to enhance the smell of our products. 

Are your candles organic? 

We don’t have organic certification for our products but we do use some organic ingredients. These are marked as organic on the product label. 

What is the shelf life of a Gloriously Good candle?

As we use 100% natural wax and fragrances, we advise burning your Gloriously Good candle within 24 months, in order to get the best quality burn.