Bath & Body FAQ

Why are Gloriously Good body products good for you?

Natural, vegan and cruelty free, they unleash the true power of Aromatherapy as they have a high concentration of pure essential oils expertly blended into glorious scents to uplift your mood, invigorate you, freshen you up, calm your mind and relax your senses. 

What is so special about your Roll On Oils?

Just roll them over your pulse points, wrists and temples, then  inhale and get a wellbeing boost whilst on the go! Our natural pulse point roll-on oils are packed with goodness and, due to the power of aromatherapy, they positively influence your mood and your state of mind. You can create an oasis of relaxation, a burst of energy or an instant mood boost just by rolling them over your skin whenever you feel the need to. 

How to Gloriously Good Body scrubs create aromatherapy? 

In the shower or bath as the hot water steams the air, it activates the essential oils in the Gloriously Good Body Scrubs which enables you to unleash the power of aromatherapy. Gloriously Good body scrubs are naturally fragranced with a high concentration of essential oils, in order to bathe your senses in pure natural goodness, so that you feel luxuriously revitalised, restored and invigorated.

How to use Gloriously Good Body Scrubs? 

To get the full Gloriously Good experience from the Body Scrubs,  follow the steps below:

  • Massage onto dry or damp skin
  • Start at the feet and moving upwards in circular movements
  • Can be used over the whole body
  • Practise mindful breathing: inhale for 7 seconds and slowly exhale for 11 seconds
  • Gently wash off
  • Massage any excess oil into the skin to get the full nourishment