Ayurvedic Skincare (Urban Veda)

Join me on a journey of learning about Ayurvedic Skincare, in partnership with Urban Veda who have kindly sent me their Radiance Collection to try and enjoy. Beauty comes from within and the power of Ayurveda is that it enables you to understand your individual constitution, in order to learn how to achieve inner balance, which is then reflected in the way you look and feel. 

Our skin is a manifestation of our inner health, so skincare can also be a tool to balance our constitution ("dosha", in Ayurvedic philosophy). Choosing skincare according to your dosha is the philosophy at the core of Urban Veda skincare. Unleashing the power of vegan natural ingredients and botanical extracts, Urban Veda has bespoke skincare created to balance out the tendencies of each constitution. 

My constitution is Vata, so I've opted for the Radiance collection and I absolutely it. Based on a unique blend of Turmeric with anti-inflammatory properties and exotic fruit enzymes like papaya, goji berries, liquorice which provide a hydration boost as well as bio-oils like orange, sweet almond, patchouli, coriander, cedar, marigold, the products from the Radiance collection smell divine and I find that they transport my mind into a spa-like serenity whenever I apply them on. For a long time I had suffered from dry skin, but since using the Radiance collection from Urban Veda, I've been feeling my skin has become so hydrated, plumped and invigorated. This made me realise how important it is to choose the right skincare for your constitution. 

To find out your dosha type, take the quiz on Urban Veda website and discover the skincare that is tailored to you. 


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