The power of movement

I used to be such a couch potato. My idea of a perfect day was being sat on the sofa watching TV series or comedies (ideally with a snack by my side). Exercise felt like a waste of time and now I regret how much I underestimated the power of physical activity. I would’ve been so much happier, focused and body confident.

However, when I decided to take up running, I realised how good it feels having your body in motion. How a stressful day can be walked off or how the deepest of worries can be bypassed with a run or a workout. It’s like your body reinvigorates itself after exercise, even though in the moment it can feel like it’s slowly dying (during a strenuous workout), it’s actually slowly coming back to life.  

That’s why I like to start my work day (any day in fact) with an hour-long burst of intense exercise to help me unlock my inner sources of energy and ideally finish it with a more mild form of physical movement (a walk or simply tidying up the house) to regain the energy depleted during the day.

So, let’s celebrate our body’s natural instinct to move, to roam free, rather than confine it to paralysis for a prolonged period of time.

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