The need breeds creativity & creativity breeds genius

I came to this realisation a few weeks ago, when I was trying to dig up the garden due to the amount of rocks that were engulfed in the dry soil I was dealing with. After much struggling, I came up with the idea of swapping the small shovel for the big one and positioning it differently than the small shovel, at an angle that would allow me to unsettle the big rock I was trying to dig out. When that strategy worked, my mind lit up. It was the mere realisation that the need to fix something makes your mind look up solutions for how to solve the matter and in this process you uncover creative ideas that help you to achieve the most optimal solution.

Whoever thinks they are not creative enough, they just haven't been in enough or particularly challenging situations that required problem-solving. Or, maybe they haven't looked hard enough for solutions to their problems. They just haven't given themselves the opportunity to be creative.

The need to do or achieve something and not knowing how to do it can often leave some anxious, agitated or simply paralysed and in need to run away from the situation. Far from it, acknowledging this need should come with the appreciation of the great task that lies ahead of you and the opportunity that this will give you to find your greatness. 

Many big entrepreneurs have been able to launch successful businesses out of their motivation to solve a problem, which inherently required them to find a solution to it, which ultimately led them to think creatively in the process. If they hadn't identified the need to solve that problem, they wouldn't have had the opportunity to get their mind to seek solutions to it and unleash their creativity in this way. 

More than creativity, finding the need and coming up with solutions for it breeds genius. That's how the big inventors or artists of this world started and that's how eventually they got their minds to peak and come up with breakthroughs. So, don't be shy away from problems or challenging situations. On the contrary, seek to identify something to solve and embrace the opportunity to unleash your creative potential and find your genius along the way.  

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