Take more trips to appreciate your home more

People naturally enjoy a sense of variety, being in different spaces. It's the brain’s chance to refresh and recalibrate itself. For this reason, I regularly look out for opportunities to go away, to leave my home and have a reason to come back to it. After a few days spent away from home, I find that I crave my home space. I miss my routines, my home comfort, the things I do in my little place of heaven. Being away from home makes me appreciate my home better.

I love having a special place to come back to. I think everyone should take more trips or look out for opportunities to be away from home. Apart from the chance to enrich the mind and the body, by exposing them to new things, new cultures, new foods and a different way of living, traveling gives one the reason to miss something that they would otherwise take for granted: their home.

Even when I go on short trips (three days), I miss my home, my place of sanctuary where I can be truly me. To me, a beloved home is like that loyal partner who's always stood there waiting for you to come back and be together again.

What’s interesting is that whenever I come back from a trip, I somehow feel fully rejuvenated, so revitalised that I am full of energy, eager to improve my lifestyle, to spend my time efficiently and cherish each moment. Every time I come back home after a trip is like starting a new life. 

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