Starting my day in a coffee shop

Those who know me know how much I love good coffee and nice cafes.

I have recently began starting my day in a coffee shop and I absolutely love it! There is something poetic about it. The smell of freshly brewed coffee accompanied by the sound of music, whilst giving free roam to my thoughts on paper is all that I could wish for at the beginning of my day.  

In the past, I had created for myself jam packed mornings, filled with long runs or intense cardio workouts, doing chores around the house whilst getting ready for work. They had gotten so intense that I used to dread the thought of starting the next morning. But not anymore, I now just want to start my day happy.

Starting my day by indulging in the things I love the most: good coffee often accompanied by nice music or a podcast or French radio show feel so blissful, whilst writing in my blog or managing my personal affairs. Start as you mean to go on, they say, and that is exactly what I recommend you all to do.

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