Piano and writing: a tale of two partners

The inspiration for writing this article came to me while I was listening to piano music. No other instruments, just pure piano. There is something so purely lyrical about piano music and it perfectly complements the act of writing. Through its very nature, piano music induced my mind into a state of calm and peacefulness, a preceding state of meditation. For those with an inclination to pin down their thoughts onto paper, this is the perfect state to reflect and write. The mind is tranquil, as piano music has the power to put to rest even the most restless of the minds.

I love listening to piano background music, it relaxes my mind to point where I can find clarity and focus. It fills the room with soothing sounds and my mind with the deepest thoughts.

To me, piano music is the most majestic of all instrumental genres. Its grandeur heightens the mind into the superior sphere of brain’s activity where it can pursue magnificent ideas, with each sumptuous sound that this splendid instrument reverberates into the room.

The beauty of any piano song is that it’s not intrusive. Regardless of their rhythm, tonality, and what they seek to convey, the sounds remain harmonious. Other instrumental songs, such as violin, can have too much influence on the mind to the point where it may induce certain moods, emotions, and even disrupt the chain of thoughts - the last thing that a writer needs. On the contrary, piano music remains subtle, it entertains without interfering, but most important of all, it inspires creativity, probably due to the fact that, in my view, it is one of the purest forms of artistic expression.

I often listen to background piano music when I am in need of heightened stimuli at work or when my mind gets lonely and seeks company. So, more than the muse for the mind, the stimulating piano becomes the conductor of the mind, orchestrating its activity and leading it to produce self-perceived masterpieces. In turn, writing induces my mind to work pay attention to remain aware of the background piano, take notice of the sounds and carry on while the music is playing. The most pertinent evidence of this is that, often, when I am stuck for inspiration, I feel the need to play the piano.

The best sources of piano music for me are Jazz radio (their piano jazz station is idyllic, especially around the festive season when many carols are turned into beautiful instrumental piano pieces). Also, Yiruma’s songs on YouTube are delightful.

With piano music in mind and heart, I wrote this article for all the aspiring writers looking to create an inspiring workplace and a refuge, at the same time, from inner and outer disturbances.

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