My Gloriously Good treats

I’m always on the quest for feeling content with life, excited and inspired by everything. Everyone should aim to feel this way each and every day. I’ve recognised some happiness artifacts that bring this to me each and every time:l and I am sharing them here in case they might spark joy in your life, too:

  1. Luxurious hotels

I just love how beautiful, 5-star hotels enable you to rent a world that would otherwise be quite inaccessible to you. A world where the affluent, well-off people go to enjoy themselves, relax, work or spend the night while traveling.

To me, it feels like such a treat to step into this aspirational world in the rare occasions when I travel for work or go on over-indulgent holidays like my honeymoon, where I stayed in the most exquisite Maldivian suite and the tallest Singaporean hotel.

When I am in a nice hotel room or lobby, I feel inspired to create, to be productive, to make the most of my time. So, whenever I know I have to travel for work, I always try to get there early in order to have plenty of time to enjoy the hotel room, do some creative work and exercise in the gym.

You may find it shallow, but luxurious hotels really do bring out the best in me. This is why I intend to invest more in this experience in the future. Spending a weekend in a beautiful hotel room with my husband should invigorate us, bringing a bit of variety into our lives, by making us feel like we’re in a luxurious holiday. It should also enable me to recoup my creativity that is mostly turned off during the work week by the routine lifestyle of my work life.

2. Candles

Candles are such powerful objects. With their burning flame and scent, they cn lift your mood up, relax you, invigorate you and create an enchanting experience and a memorable atmosphere. For this reason they are gloriously good artefacts for me and true bringers of happiness. They provide a very quick shortcut to set the scene for a positive state of mind.

3. Massages

I had my first massage when I turned 23 as a gift for my birthday at Foxhills. Since then, I have become very fond of massages and ask my partner every evening to help me relax with a soothing massage. Especially when I feel tired and unproductive (a feeling which I dislike so much), I just love having my skin stimulated with an invigorating massage. When i cam eon honeymoon to the Maldives, I enjoyed a head-to-toe massage every evening. It felt blissful and rejuvenating.

Massages are indeed expensive and investing in them takes a lot of savings, but it’s so worthwhile. For me its the perfect time to reflect and meditate, which I cannot do normally, as I always find myself in a hyperactive state of mind.

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