Let’s create!

The only people for me are the … entrepreneurial ones. The pioneers, idea generators, the solution seekers, the risk takers, those who do not wait for someone to give them something to do, but who develop and pursue their own interests. I used to think that the self-employed ones were not good enough to convince someone to employ them, but now I think that they are too good to be employed by someone else other than themselves.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset, an attitude, and a lifestyle adopted by those who are brave enough to challenge the status quo. They do not confine to the common norms of training themselves up for someone else to take advantage of their potential, but they exploit their own talent and make it generate a return. They discover or re-invent themselves, find it within themselves the thing that makes them tick. The experimentalists, the creators are the most passionate and committed workers. Does it even feel like work when you pursue your own interest?

I admire all entrepreneurs. Such a remarkable source of inspiration. Those who go on Dragon’s Den or publish on Behance, and anyone that says to me “I’m building this”  I applaud them. In even look up to the celebrities that launch their own merchandise lines. Instead of becoming complacent with their fame & wealth, they branch out of their primary area of activity, exploit new avenues, and see how far they can take their personal brand

Only consuming what others have created is too easy. You’re better than that. And have a greater role in this world. Seek within you the thing that captivates your mind to such an extent that it reigns over your primordial drives. The thing that you can’t wait to start.  The thing that makes you burst with excitement when you undertake it. The thing for which you cannot wait for sleep to be over (and ‘official’ work if applicable) so you can devote yourself to it. The thing that makes your life rush through your veins as you work feverishly at it. This thing exists for everyone. In latent form for most of us, but it’s there. You just have to recognise it and unleash it. Perhaps you like reading – why not start a book club? Or maybe you like to play sports – have you thought about organising training sessions for other people? Or maybe you enjoy eating – why not start a foodie blog? Or cooking – how about cooking a charity meal or gathering your recipes in a cook book? Do you like learning foreign languages – how about setting up a cultural exchange programme – you go to their country, they come to yours? The list of things you can do when you explore your deepest interests is endless. And the internet is there at your fingertips to help you with anything you enterprise.

Be interested. Open your mind up to things that interest you and open yourself up to new opportunities. You never know when you’re going to find it. And once you find it, it will enthuse you so much that will make your mind sparkle. And when it takes shape, it will trap you completely. Because it will be the one thing that’s truly Yours – materialised from the power of your mind. Your own creation! And it will keep you captivated until … well, until it becomes so big that it’s no longer yours only. But that’s another story.

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