How does aromatherapy work?

Lightning an aromatherapy candle or wax melts that have been scented with only pure essential oils will release essential oil into the air. This allows you to inhale the molecules of the essential oils. Equally, when you use body oils, shower gels, soaps, scrubs or moisturisers that have been fragranced with pure essential oils, the molecules of the essential oils will be absorbed by the skin.

Aromatherapy works by stimulating our smell receptors located in our nose once the essential oils are inhaled or absorbed by the skin. This sends messages through the nervous system to the limbic system — the part of the brain that controls emotions & memories. The limbic system then influences our stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and immune function.

The sense of smell, often overlooked, is more sharply perceived by the brain than all of our other senses and it is therefore impactful and highly effective at influencing our mood, wellbeing, how we feel, how we think, our productivity and outlook on life. That is why it is important to introduce scent into our happiness arsenal, using fragrance as a tool to shape our personal space, cultivate joy and bring a sense of positivity and escapism into our lives.

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