Feeling inspired

It’s a wonderful state of mind to feel inspired. In that time, you don’t have to force yourself to create, as ideas just flow freely and you feel like you are achieving something effortlessly. I love this feeling!

The times when I feel inspired are few and far between. The daily routine and occasional pressures tend to wear me out and exhaust any desire I may have to create.

I don’t particularly feel inspired in my home, even though I’ve worked hard to create a nice comfortable space for myself. It’s probably because the familiar and the routine diminish my desire to create. I also don’t feel inspired in the car, even though I spend two hours in the car as a passenger every day, with not many distractions (apart from my phone). I wish I could use this dead time in the car to create, but I find it difficult. Also, at work I wish I could use my lunch break to write in my blog, but all I want is to disconnect from it all.

It’s difficult to force yourself to create something when you don't have ay creative enthusiasm. Thus, I need to treasure and cherish those rare moments when I feel that burst of energy and enthusiasm to create. So, when do I feel inspired?

  • when I travel - the change of scenery does wonders for my state of mind and creative flair

  • when I am in a new place with a beautiful setting, like an exquisite hotel lobby or room, or even when I go round to a relative’s house.

  • when I am out in nature on a sunny day, in the countryside, surrounded by fresh green grass and the birds are singing in the background.

Creating when you feel inspired is the most sublime feeling in the world.

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