Coconut oil for gloriously good hair

I’ve been applying coconut oil onto my hair as a mask the night before getting it washed for a few years now. I can’t remember how I started this practice. Maybe I was inspired by the idea of hair masks or something that I read on the internet. Or, maybe I arrived at it independently, after reading the product packaging of coconut oil which talks about the versatility of the product, that it can be used internally and externally.

However, what i do remember is the first time I purchased coconut oil, I spent a good couple of hours, researching on Amazon to find the best brand or the best type of coconut oil. After hours of research I arrived at the conclusion that the raw, cold pressed, extra virgin organic coconut oil is the best type. Nonetheless, the product itself is so good, that the brand and the way in which it is extracted doesn’t matter that much, in my opinion. Of course, if you can afford it, try and go for the one I mentioned above, as it is likely to provide the most benefits.

Anyway, I am happy that I’ve incorporated this habit into my daily life. It’s taken my self-care and beauty routine to a sublime new level that I am proud of. Even now, after months and months of applying coconut oil onto my hair before every wash, I am amazed by how great it makes my hair feel! I don;t have many beauty rituals, as I don’t have that much time and evnergy to deidcate to self-care. But applying coconut oil on my hair on the night before I intend to wash it is one that i swear by. I think everyone should incorporate it in their lives and make time for it.

My hair is quite long now, as I haven’t had it cut or even trimmed it for a year. The ends of my hair get split quite easily, particularly since I started dyeing it. However, coconut oil has a magical effect on it. It’s so nourishing and it provides such good conditioning for my hair, that whenever I wash it after applying coconut oil overnight, the signs of hair damage disappear instantly. Instead, my hair feels healthy, full of life and it feels so smooth and silky. Someone once even complimented me on how well conditioned my hair looked, which makes me think that the coconut-oil effect is clearly noticeable.

I have tried various hair masks and oils before like this Really Good Hair Oil from Fushi, but only after applying coconut oil, I have seen the biggest effect in terms of softness, easy brushing and overall good conditioning. In fact, I don’t even see the need to brush my hair after washing it. Simply letting it dry on its own and settle into place whilst benefiting from the wonderful texture and conditioning from the overnight coconut oil treatment is a great way to save time and protect your hair against heat damage and hair loss from brushing it.

What’s interesting is that the look and feel of freshly clean hair tends to last a lot longer after the hair has been treated with coconut oil before the wash. Once I apply coconut oil on my hair on the night before I intend to wash it, I can go even four days before I need to wash it again. And it still feels full of volume, clean and full of life.

I strongly believe that putting coconut oil on your hair on the night before you go to bed is one of the best self-care, spa treatments you could offer yourself. When you wake up and wash your hair, you will experience that wonderful feeling of rejuvenated hair, strong, shiny and fluffy.

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