An ode to hot water bottles

I love hot water bottles and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Such a clever invention, soothing and comforting - the ultimate bringer of peace.

Even though I was aware of the existence of hot water bottles, I wasn't really sure what purpose they served, so I've only asked for one last year as a present. I was lucky enough to get a white fluffy one, which I would often stroke as I would stroke a lovely cat whilst holding it on my lap. 

As soon as I get home from work, it has become my ritual to put the kettle on in order to fill my hot water bottle. This for me marks the transcendental passage from work to home, and it signals to my mind that it can start to  relax. I just love resting my head on my hot water bottle as I sit on the couch to unwind at the end of a stressful day.  This calms my mind down to the point where I feel my head melting away in bliss.

Often when I go to bed, I take my hot water with me to either use it as a pillow or cuddle it in my sleep. This is the best antidote for those who experience difficulties falling asleep.  

What's more, I’ve gotten into the habit of taking my hot water bottle to work, as in any office I've worked in so far, I found myself placed near the air conditioner.   

For all these reasons, I felt like writing this article as an ode to this artefact - the gloriously good hot water bottle.

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