Act to act

Have you noticed that whenever you put off doing something you end up sinking into a bigger pile of inactivity and ultimately laziness? It’s because when you allow your mind the liberty to bypass doing something that it initially thought it had to be done, it switches off to the point of bypassing any other activities that you had originally intended to do. And you get stuck in a rut that it’s hard to come out of.

And conversely, as soon as you start doing something, you want to do more and more. It’s a self-generating process. Energy breeds energy and action breeds further action. For example, I often try to put off cleaning the house, but as soon as I start doing it, I am unstoppable. Equally, I often out put off writing these blog articles for fear that I might not have enough inspiration or that I won’t find the right words, but as soon as I start I end up writing a long essay or a few articles in a row. Or how I generally feel that I don’t have enough inspiration for a new blog article, but as soon as I think of a topic, a dozen other topics pour out of my mind. It never ceases to amaze me how as soon as my mind is switched on, it‘s ON. 

Your mind becomes alert and attune to everything that needs to be done. This is when creativity happens. Your mind starts looking for things, making connections.

However, if you get too enthusiastic in the process of acting, you might end up jumping from one thing to another, and not really following through with any proper activity, as your mind relaxes as soon as it decides to leave one activity behind to start the other. 

As soon as I finish doing something, I feel pumped up and roll on with the feeling of accomplishment onto the next thing.

So, if you want to get something done, just start it and the rest will follow. You will be amazed by how much you accomplish on something that you didn’t feel like doing in the first place.

So, never think I will do that thing later, because it will take a lot more resource from you at a later time (for the reason I’ve exemplified in the first paragraph). The time is now.

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